Friday, December 19, 2008

Why People Consume Alcohol

Just try to think, why does a man drink? He may be living a miserable, just to forget his sorrow he drinks. Instead of stopping him from drinking, we must do some positive efforts that shall help the misery, pain, sorrow, unhappiness and problems of his life to be reduced or finished. If he is able to live a happy life again than why shall he drink? The basic quality of alcohol is it helps to forget. And thus by drinking we tend to forget our sorrow. But when we are happy… Neither of us would like to drink and forget those joyful moments.

I would like that you should not hate him nor instruct him nor stop him. Do not try to make him understand. You love him, respect him, and accept him the way he is. Do not look at him with the eyes fill with hatred towards him. Always do not raise you finger against him. Might be, if he gets your love and respect he would agree to give his life a new start in a new way. When we respect somebody then he too thinks that how shall he continue to be respectful? He will refrain him from doing those things that can bring down his respected image. Thus, I would wish from you to create an environment of love, understanding and respect in your home.

When he will live with happiness in home, receive your love and affection; his pain and problems will be reduced, his tensions will be lowered and than automatically he will stop drinking. This would be an indirect of making him to stop drink. If you directly say somebody that you must stop drinking, he would not listen. That’s what you have been trying since many years and it did not brought any fruitful results. So, for sometime try what I am saying to you.

Don’t ever raise the topic of alcohol. You just love and respect your husband. Tell your kids and other family members also to do the same. Then you shall see a gradual change arising in him. Possibly send him here for a nine-day program of Dhyan or Bhakti Samadhi. When a person starts meditating, he will feel the shower of bliss on him. And a blissful, doesn’t ever drinks.

True Disciple Hood


There is no need for you to decide. Enlightenment does not have any external characteristic or features. There are no outer features, which can be evidences to recognize an enlightened person.

It was never there before nor will there ever be!
You just look into only this much; do you have the quest to learn? Are you a true disciple?
You do not worry about what the characteristics of a Master are. Have you ever worried about what are the characteristics of a true disciple?

You cultivate those characteristics of true disciple within you and you will find that you have found the Master.
If you were not a true disciple, then even if hundred thousand Masters were standing, it would be of no benefit to you.
In Rajneesh Puram, Oregon- USA, Sheela and her team of 20 women was the closest to Osho. What happened to them? Nothinghappened to them. Despite staying so close to the Master, they remained caught in illicit intentions, kept conspiring.

In Dhamma Pada, there is a statement by Buddha; Osho has beautifully described it in ‘Es Dhammo Sanantano’; even if a Kulchhi; Serving Spoon remains in daal for years, it cannot know the taste of daal. Serving Spoon is made of iron, brass or steel. It would not be able to know the taste of daal. To know the taste, a sensitive tongue is required.
Nothing happens just by being near the Master. Significant things are whether you are sensitive or not, whether you are a disciple or not, whether you are surrendered or not.

Lao-Tzu became enlightened by watching a leaf falling from a tree. There was not even any living Master available. However, Lao-Tsu was a true disciple. He learnt the Universal Truth from a leaf.

If someone is present near the Master like a serving spoon in the daal, then he won’t be able to taste the daal; then it would not be of any use being close to Master.
Therefore, the actual thing is not about whose claim is correct; you do not bother about that. Anyhow, that cannot be decided. You only be concerned with whom you strike a tuning. That is the valid point.
If your heart is being in tune with me then you be with me. If not, then go away! There is no way to find out who is enlightened and who is not. It is not necessary that you are attuned to some enlightened person. Even this is not necessary.

Understand with an example; I say that if Meera had gone to Mahavir then there would have been no tuning. Mahavir’s personality is completely different and Meera’s personality is an absolute opposite. On one hand, there is Meera; dancing, singing, jiggling and on the other, there is Mahavir; standing naked. There would not be any harmony.

Mahavir would have made her go away by saying that there is no liberation for women; at least go away from here! He would have said that there is no salvation for women, only to get rid of people like Meera.

Neither Meera was lacking anything, nor was Mahavir lacking anything. But there could not be any accord between them.
Therefore, do not worry about whose claim is correct and whose is not. You bother only about where you are tuned. Where is progress for you possible? Where do awareness and love flower in you? This is sufficient.

The Peak of Love

Somebody loves you and you love someone. This is the beginning of love. This is the arrival of love. This is the first step of love.

Osho says that if you stop at the first step of love, life won’t allow you to stop here. This will take you to the downward direction. Love is like water. Remember that water flows towards the slope; so is the case with love. But if you combine this love with the energy of meditation, then it goes away to the sky in the form of clouds and gets connected to the coolness of God and rains on the earth in the form of devotion. So remember that if you love someone, then next step must be taken. And what is the next step? The next step of love is meditation.

Meditation: Second step in journey of Love

The next step of meditation is love and the next step of love is meditation. If you will stop at meditation and there won’t be any rising of love in your life then you will fall below meditation also. This has happened. If you stop at love and if love does not become your meditation, then this love will become a desire and if the love rises it becomes meditation. What is the meaning of meditation? Meditation means loving yourself. For the first time you become precious in your own eyes. For the first time you can think that I have not come in this world like an accident. I am an invited guest in this world. At least one person will miss me; at least one heart won’t beat in the way it used to beat in my presence. At least one courtyard will be deprived if I won’t be planted as the plant of Tulsi in that courtyard. Now you remember yourself. Remember that the arrival of love is with self forgetfulness and the height of love is with self-remembering.

For the first time the thought of the self arrives. Then you start with your makeover. You start doing some make-up. You comb your hair properly. You pay attention to your clothes. Till someone does not love you, when do you think about yourself?

I have often seen the married men moving in casual outfits. When people tell them to wear some nice clothes, they reply what purpose it will serve since they are not going to do new marriage. Now the new love is not going to happen. When you are in love of someone then you care for yourself.

Love towards to the Master – Third Step

So the second step is of self remembrance, of meditation, of loving your self. So the next step of love is meditation; that is to love your self. And then when direction of rising starts once, then you take the third step also which is of Shradha, trust, love towards master. When you become precious in your own eyes then a quest arises that how can we be blissful? How can we be prosperous within and outside both? And then a thirst arises – the thirst of bliss; the thirst to make your self happy; the thirst to make yourself blissful. Then you go for a search and this search takes you to the feet of the master. It takes you to satsang; it takes you to disciple hood. It takes you to Shraddha – trust; and then since you have loved yourself, God starts loving you. By His grace you get the feet of the master. Then the saint tells you how can you raise your consciousness in the higher direction? How can your trust become devotion; how can your love merge with the love of infinity? And then you take your love towards godliness.

Four steps of the journey of Love

You take one step and the master takes millions of steps towards you. God takes millions of steps towards you. There is a saying in the West: “God helps those who help themselves. I would like to say: “God loves them who love themselves.” So these are the four steps of love:

· First: Some one loves you.

· Second: You love yourself.

· Third: You search and get a Master.

· Fourth: God loves you; He embraces you.

The height of love is devotion; the height of devotion is non-duality. You become one with your loved one. The difference between you and me vanishes.
Jalaluddin Roomi has written a poem. Once a lover went to his beloved’s house and knocked her door.
She asked “Who is there?”
The lover replied “It’s me”.
The beloved said “The lane of the love is too narrow. There is no place for you and me”. The lover gets depressed and goes away. He comes back after one year. Again he knocks the door and she asks again the same question: “Who’s there”. He replies “You, you, and only you”. She opens the door and welcomes him.
Truly speaking, while drinking the wine of love a time comes when duality vanishes.

Maikhana-e-wahdat mein , saaki ki inayat se;

Peete hi pukar utha – jo tu hai wahi main hu.

In the bar of non-dualism and the grace of the Master, drinking the wine of Divine comes a declaration – As You are, so I am I.

Peak of Love: Non-Duality

One day Mulla Nasirudin came and as he was a drunkard he asked me, “ While drinking, when should I stop?
I answered: “Go on drinking till a single person appear as two.”
Mulla said “Ok, thanks a lot”.
Then Mulla completed nine days Dhyan Samadhi program of Oshodhara. One day he came and said now I am your follower. The wine of God which you have introduced to me, till what time should I consume it?
I said to Mulla, “Now go on drinking this wine of God till two persons don’t seem to be one.”
Till non duality occurs, go on climbing the steps of love.
The height of love is – Wisdom of one’s own true self.

Right Meditation


No, that will not be a blessing but a curse.

In the eight-fold path of Gautama Buddha the last one is Right Meditation. He adds ‘Right’ even with meditation. It’s ‘Right’ to go in Samadhi for one and a half hours to three hours. Live in this world for the rest of the time otherwise you will turn against this world. There is duality in your mind. You think of this world and the divine as opposites. Sanyas means ‘Right Distribution’. You don’t have to leave this world. Live in this world and also in divinity.

You have twenty-four hours in a day. Out of this eight hours are spent in sleep; another eight are spent in earning your livelihood. You can divide rest of the eight hours in two parts – four hours for taking care of yourself, your family and other social formalities; and the other four hours for your Samadhi, meditation. It wont be appropriate if you go in Samadhi for more than that.

I am in favour of ‘Right Meditation’. Don’t go for any kind of extremes. It’s like if you take excessive medicine it could become poison. Samadhi is also a medicine and should not be taken in excess. Excess of everything is bad.

Only a Living Master Can Liberate

A master is not like a husband that if you changed from one to another you have betrayed him or you are dishonest towards him. Remember one thing that a Master is for liberating you not for tying you in imprisonment. Anybody who traps you is not a master. You yourself should run away from him. We are on the path of liberation, moksha, which means the ultimate freedom, but we are caught up in small issues. Somebody gets tied to a Master, somebody to religious books or Holy Scriptures or a temple, mosque in the search for salvation. Get up; be aware that a Master is not for holding you back but for liberating you. Neither a master should trap you up, nor a disciple should be ready to be trapped. You should be revolutionary, seeking and searching the truth but always ready to learn. Anybody who can teach you something you should be ready to learn fromhim. So I shall only request you this much, since you are being blissful here, you are enjoying here. You are here for some days, then you must learn it fully. Do it completely.

Your question is like – a disease has infected me 20 years ago and I got operated from a doctor. Now that doctor is no more but the disease is still troubling me so should I take treatment from you or not? If you would go to a doctor and say this, what will he do to you? Either he will show the way to get out or else he will tell you to follow the prescribed dosage offered by him. You had been operated 20 years ago. That did not work out; that’s why you are here. If you would have been fine then what was the need to be here. And you are saying that just in few days you are enjoying here, you are feeling blissful and want to go deeper into meditation. Is this not enough proof that your condition is improving. Now move ahead on this path.

Now forget about what happened in the past and think of your future. Now leave all those old Gurus, forget about them, they are not holding you but you are getting caught in your trap. Think sensibly that a person who is no more, how he could help you anymore. How can a doctor who does not exist do your treatment? Our ego is very subtle. In case of physical treatment we will go to the doctor who actually is present but in case of spiritual guide, we always worship those who are no more. We regard the dead as higher and ill treat the living ones.

I would like to shake you, wake you up from your sleep and say be alive. Be here and now. Be aware towards what is happening right now. You are saying it you are being blissful in few days then go ahead and dive in it fully. You may also dive in it with the remembrance of your master but then it would be half-hearted. Then your past will be hanging in you. Live in the present moment and search for a living Master. This is one of the most important teachings of Osho. Only then we can be of any help to you.

Meditation for you; URJA DHYAN

1st Step: Prayer for Universal peace and happiness: 3 min

Sit down in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Pray for all to be happy, healthy and blissful.
Sing this couplet: “Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Makashchit dukha bhagbhave.

2nd Step: Awakening the energy: 6 min

Please stand up and shake the entire body like shivering as if you are a dry leaf.
Feel that the energy is rising from feet towards the head.

3rd Step: Chakra healing from the back in ascending order: 9 min

Heal your own Chakras (energy points) in ascending order by keeping your palms on them on the back.
Chant the musical notes along.
Start from Mooladhar Chakra located in the base of the spine.
Feel that your chakra is getting healed by the Divine Energy.
Repeat the same process for other Chakras also – Swadhisthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudh, Agya and Sahastrar.

4th Step: Chakra healing from the front in descending order: 9 min

Heal your own Chakras from the front in descending order.
Start from Sahastrar Chakra and continue the same process on all other Chakras.

5th Step: Relaxation: 3 min

Sit down in a comfortable posture or lie down in Shavasan (back touching the ground, one foot apart from the other and palms towards the sky).
Feel that the body is getting calm, breathing is getting poise and mind is becoming peaceful.

6th Step: Self-Remembrance: 30 min

Close your eyes and look in the inner sky.
This is our formless being. As there is water in the vessel, content in the container; similarly there is the formless in the form.

Now just look in this inner space. Gradually get merged with this formless consciousness filled with Divinity.

Brahmanada Dhyan

1ST Step: Prayer for Universal peace and happiness: 3 min

Sit down in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Pray for all to be happy, healthy and blissful. Sing this couplet: “Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Makashchit dukha bhagbhave.”

2nd Step: Bhramari Pranayaam: 21 min.

Inhale slowly and deeply along with listening to the music. While exhaling, close your mouth and produce a humming sound.
3rd Step: Relaxation: 3 min

Sit down in a comfortable posture or lie down in Shavasan (back touching the ground, one foot apart from the other and palms towards the sky) Feel that the body is getting calm, breathing is getting poise and mind is becoming peaceful.

4th Step: Self-Remembrance: 30 min

Close your eyes and look in the inner sky. This is our formless being. As there is water in the vessel, content in the container; similarly there is the formless in the form.

Now just look in this inner space. Gradually get merged with this formless consciousness filled with Divinity.
This meditation should be done alone not in groups or masses. Preferably, done at night time before sleep can have the best results.